How to make an appointment

Being a patient at the practice: You can call the practice and will be asked to tell your name and phone number. As set time you ll be called back will be given; so no waiting time and no extra costs for you! The nurse will call you back at the time given, and make an appointment in the surgery, video-call, or email consultation ; whatever is most convenient and best for you. Incase of a video call a link will be sent, and you’ll be asked to download a [free] app, which enables the doctor to do a safe consultation.

If you are not a patient: You have to register as a patient first, you can do this online click here to go to the form. After being registered, and you received the reply, please give us a call to make an appointment.

To make an appointment please contact our assistant by calling the practice from Monday till Friday between 8.00 en 17.00h: +31 77 78 20 9 20