Our Healthcare Programs

In our practice we have several consultation hours.

The consultation hour of the doctor

You can make an appointment here in case of illness or questions. The doctor will then examine you.

The assistant’s consultation hour

The doctor’s assistant has its own consultation hour, during this consultation hour you can visit by appointment for blood pressure check, glucose injection, ear syringing, heart check, smears, injections, removing stitches, treating warts and wound care.

Heart and vascular disease

If you have high blood pressure, you can go to the practice for check-ups, these will take place frequently to keep a close eye on your health and to discuss your lifestyle. This consultation hour is for chronic patients.


If have diabetes, you can go to practice for checks on your sugar levels. Our employee keeps an eye on your lifestyle and sugar levels with you and explains medication that is prescribed. This consultation hour is for chronic patients. For more information, please visit: https://h4i.nl/healthcare-providers/

Doctors Consultation

In case of medical problems you can phone for a consultation with the doctor. When you call the practice you’ll be offered to be called back at a set time; this prevents you waiting, and saves phone-costs. The nurse will call you back in your own language, and will assist you making a physical appointment, videaocall with the doctor or an e consultation.  At consultation the doctor might need to examine you, or refer for further examination, tests or medication. The pharmacist is next to the practice and you can collect your medication straight away.