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Healthcare for Internationals Walk-in Centre


Healthcare for Internationals (H4I) is a multilingual doctors clinic mainly for foreign patients. We are a part of a non-profit network of organizations that aim to close the gap between Dutch healthcare and the needs and expectations of patients with an international background.

H4I Doctors Clinic is the first medical practice this type in Limburg.

About the practice

Our staff is fully multilingual and concentrated on providing the best possible medical care and advice both physical at the practice and online through phone-, videocall, Whatsapp and email. We are the first medical clinic in Limburg fully focused on providing foreigners with the access to medical advice. Our whole staff is both English and Dutch speaking, we are also providing Polish translation and advice during registration and at your doctors appointment

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Why international
Based on Healthcare for Internationals organization data, people with international background do not always feel comfortable with Dutch healthcare, mainly due to language barrier, differences in medical culture like: medication prescription, medical practice structure and specialist referrals.
Municipality data shows that there are around 17 thousand of work immigrants in Limburg area. We know how hard it is to communicate, understand and ask for advice not speaking Dutch.

Our goal
H4I’s international team is here to help you. We will guide you through the process of picking your family doctor, scheduling an appointment, explaining Dutch healthcare and medical advice. As we are easily accessible both physically (we are stationed next to Spoedeisende Hulp in Viecuri hospital) and remotely (Whatsapp, email, phone, Messenger), you can always count on us as a main point of contact in terms of medical services.

+31 (0)77 782 09 20